Norfolk actor and writer Marie Cooper blogs about playwriting

First HighTide Writers Group Meeting

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I must confess that I was nervous on my way to my first-ever meeting with my fellow Playwrights.

I had made the noob mistake of stalking everyone online beforehand and as a result, had just managed to make myself feel intimidated by how much more experienced and accomplished everyone else seemed.

Yes, I am well aware that you should, apparently, not compare yourself to others, but hear me out. I don’t think it is as negative a thing to do as is so commonly made out to be.

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Editing the Script

Lamp shining light onto the word editing
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How does a Playwright Edit the Script?

A playwright does the editing, writing, rewriting, a little more research, editing and rewriting again. You check your typos. Make sure your program hasn’t changed your dialogue into stage directions – I don’t even know how or why that happens. Then suddenly there seems to be a million and one other things to add, remove, look up. In fact, the edit is likely to never end unless you decide that what’s done is done, put it down and run far, far away. Or maybe that’s just me?

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Reflections on 28 Plays Later, 2021

Norfolk playwright Marie Cooper celebrates her successful playwriting challenge
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This was the first time I’d taken on this challenge, to write 28 Plays in the 28 days of February. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge if it was now, would it?. My brain did, at times, try to resist and procrastinate, to make it easier for me. Which made it more difficult and stressful as the deadlines approached. Stupid brain.

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