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Recent News

The next theatrical project that I will be working on is a double bill of two short plays. ‘F**king Feminists’ by Rose Lewenstein and ‘How to Not Sink’ by Georgia Christou.  The event is being held on the 7th and 8th February 2020  in Norwich and all profits raised will be donated to Women’s Aid… More details to follow…

Film Trailer for Hellthy, out now…

I was very kindly invited on set by Paul Andrew Goldsmith in February last year, to meet the director and be part of a small scene of the movie, Hellthy by IWFilms. The movie is out now and doing the festival circuit. It’s a psychological horror movie, made on zero budget.

“A psychopath kidnaps addicts and forces them through torturous rehabilitation.”

Check out the film trailer below. You might even briefly spot me…

Hellthy Trailer 1 – British Zero Budget Psychological Horror – Paul Andrew Goldsmith from iW FIlms on Vimeo.


Awards 2019

The Literary Consultancy Free Read

In 2018 I diversified from being not only a person who acts, and being paid as a professional actor, but I also (reluctantly at first) branched out into writing for the first time in a long time.

It turned out to be a good diversion from performing. All of the hard work of research and writing paid off, when I was finally able to announce that I had been chosen by the National Centre of Writing  as a winner of an Arts Council East funded TLC Free Read  by The Literary Consultancy … read more  

Prize for Outstanding Performance

Then, just after the go ahead to make this public in April 2019, I got a letter through from the University of East Anglia from the Interdisciplinary Institute of the Humanities to say that I have been awarded a Prize for Outstanding Performance by a Creative Entrepreneurship MA Student….read more

Looking for a Norfolk Actor? Let’s Work Together

Looking for a Norfolk actor for your upcoming project? Pop me an email

I may also be able to help you with urgent casting calls, especially if your production is within the Eastern region. If you find suddenly find yourself a Norfolk actor or an extra short, then please do get in touch. I may be able to help out. Just give me time to get my socks on.

Check out my portfolio. I’ve worked on a range of productions for theatre including Shakespeare, Noel Coward and playing Margaret Thatcher to being one of Santa’s Elves for Santa’s visit at Christmas and a Halloween rat and Promendade Street theatre narrator/lead.  I also work regularly as a simulated patient / medical role-player to assist students in their communications training.

Diverse Background

I have also been incredibly fortunate to have a diverse background in work and play, providing me with a range of skills, from working as a Paintball Marshall and playing semi-pro sup-air paintball tournaments, competing in martial arts (Shotokan and Taekwondo), working in the Special Constabulary, taking part in corporate boxing, climbing and mountain biking.

I am available for:

  • Theatre
  • Film (Student, Short, LB, documentary, feature)
  • Commercials
  • Street performance
  • Film extras
  • Simulated Patient / Medical Roleplay
  • Roleplay in Health, Education and Corporate settings
  • Voiceover
  • Computer Games
  • Rehearsed Reading/Scratch
  • Artist’s Modelling
  • Murder Mystery
  • Seasonal Performances
  • Anything Star Wars related (joking… Not joking)


For more info about me…take a look here.

To have a look at my past projects take a look at my portfolio

A Norwich actor and performer working predominantly in East Anglia, I started my acting career in open air theatre in the beautiful parks and green spaces of Norfolk. I have been very lucky to perform in a wide range of roles and I have even been known to occasionally make it as far as London.

I completed the Norwich Theatre Royal acting course and have since been  fortunate to train with The John Wright Clowning School, Berlin’s TheatreFragile and have had voice and movement training with the Royal Shakespeare Company.  I completed my Master’s degree in Creative Entrepreneurship at the University of East Anglia in Norwich in 2018.

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If you are contacting me because you would like to work with me, please also include a brief description of the project and I will get back to you asap.

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