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28 Plays Later

In February 2021 The Literal Challenge are running their 28 Plays Later challenge. So, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a playwright and want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and forget about the outside world for a week or few during Lockdown 3.0, go and sign up to write a play a day.


In spite of having had several pieces of her work performed, Marie still finds it difficult to call herself a playwright. As an actor, she can’t shake the uncomfortable feeling that she should be performing her role, not writing it. But Covid has forced her off the stage and screen and into her notebooks.

  • In 2020, Marie completed her first full stage play draft (finally)
  • She flew by the seat of her pants through half of October completing The Literal Challenge’s marathon ‘Scriptly Writing’ screenwriting challenge.
  • As Marie has been prevented getting anywhere near a stage since the world went tits up in March, she has kept (relatively) sane by writing her Norwich city Coronapocolypse adventures . It kept her amused and out of mischief during Lockdown 1.0.


Sadly Covid prevents Marie from being on stage right now. But she is incredibly grateful that her artistic portfolio career includes Roleplay. It is workable via Zoom and provides an income whilst theatre, film, TV and creative industries recover and reimagine a new future in this post-covid landscape.

She is also keeping in touch with fellow artists and theatre via Zoom, taking part in online play readings, to be ready to bounce back onto the stage when theatres are permitted to reopen for performances.

Looking for an Actor in Norwich?

If you are looking for an actor in Norwich or the Norfolk region, or thereabouts, get in touch.


Awards 2019

Marie was awarded an Arts Council Funded Free Read with The Literary Consultancy, by the National Centre for Writing in Norwich

Marie was awarded for her ‘Outstanding Performance by a Creative Entrepreneurship MA Student‘ by the Interdisciplinary Institute of the Humanities at the University of East Anglia

Looking for a Norwich Actor? Let’s Work Together

Looking for actors in Norwich and Norfolk for an upcoming project? Pop Marie an email

She may also be able to help you with urgent casting calls, especially if your production is within the Eastern region. If you find suddenly find yourself a Norfolk actor or an extra short, please do get in touch. Marie may be able to help out. Just give her time to get my socks on.

Check out Marie’s portfolio. She has worked on a range of productions for theatre including Shakespeare, Noel Coward and playing Margaret Thatcher in Moira Buffini’s ‘Handbagged’, to being one of Santa’s Elves for Santa’s visit at Christmas and a Halloween rat and Promenade Street theatre narrator/lead.

Marie works regularly as a simulated patient / medical role-player to assist students in their communications training.

She also works with filmmaking students at the Norwich University of the Arts, acting in short student films and has recorded a voiceover for a documentary style film.

Marie also does occasional background artist work. If you have a sharp of eye you might spot her in a TV series or few.

Diverse Background

Marie has been incredibly fortunate to have had diverse experience in work and play, providing her with a range of skills, from working as a Paintball Marshall and playing semi-pro sup-air paintball tournaments, competing in martial arts (Shotokan and Taekwondo), working in the Special Constabulary, taking part in corporate boxing, climbing and mountain biking.

Marie is available for:

Born in Norwich, Norfolk, Marie Cooper performs around the East Anglian area of the UK and beyond. She started her acting career in open air theatre in the beautiful parks and green spaces of Norfolk.

She completed the Norwich Theatre Royal acting course and very quickly grew her a varied portfolio of work. She has been incredibly fortunate to train with The John Wright Clowning School, Berlin’s TheatreFragile, Teatro Strappato and had voice and movement training with the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Marie completed her Master’s degree in Creative Entrepreneurship at the University of East Anglia in Norwich in 2018.


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