Acting Resources

Local Acting Resources in Norwich

Local acting resources in Norwich and Norfolk

Casting Agents and Organisations

A Twitter list of Casting agents and organisations.

Freelancers Make Theatre Work

Offering wellbeing support for creatives working in theatre to help support them through this incredibly difficult time. Offers online freelancer tea breaks, Zoom Boxing and Stage Combat classes, voice warm up Zoom get togethers, online physical and vocal classes, free and low cost counselling services as well as lots of online resources and one-to-one peer support.

Collective Creative Initiative

Videos for that help and support your creative practice. From acting workshops, dance classes, wellbeing and nutrition. All for free, which for artists struggling right now without work and no government support, is an absolute godsend.

National Theatre YouTube Channel

Amazing collection of videos. The National Theatre YouTube channel, they include playlists on making theatre, play-writing, movement masterclasses and there’s even a playlist on puppetry including a video on making a paper-man, puppet.

Brian Timoney’s World of Acting Podcast

Brilliant, podcasts if you love method acting (which I do). These podcasts are also fantastically uplifting recordings too. So, they are great for a re-listen when you are feeling a bit battered by the industry. Remember you are a lion! Rah!.. That will make far more sense when you’ve listened to the specific episode.


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