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Well, it’s been almost seventeen weeks since the two-week quarantine began. Still no help at all forthcoming from the UK government for all those excluded from any help for lost self-employed earnings. The same government that proclaimed that we were “all in this together” and “no one will be left behind”.

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Actor’s Covid-19 Quarantine – Week Eleven – Still Alive

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Week Eleven. Cheesus wept! Every time I create a new blog post, at the beginning of each week, I can’t believe another seven days has zoomed by so quickly… again.  Think this will be my last Coronavirus update.  If my neighbours and Aldi, and everyone flooding to Bournemouth over the weekend, are anything to go by, lockdown and social distancing are no longer a thing anyway. Makes sense to me to end it now. I started on a Monday, so ending on Monday...

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Actor’s Covid-19 Quarantine – Week Ten – Still Alive

Reading Time: 9 minutesWelcome to Week Ten of Coronapocolypse where, politically things really hit the fan. Turns out that whilst we were all huddled up staying at home, saving the NHS and saving lives, the feckers who run the country were just gallavanting around the country ignoring the rules. Which only apply to the rest of us apparently.  Unsurprisingly, the country is livid. No sign that Europe is going to come save us.

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Actor’s Covid-19 Quarantine – Week Nine – Still Alive

Reading Time: 10 minutesCongratulations to everyone who has made it thus far, through to week 9 of the British Hunger Games. We can go out now… more than once. Not just for exercise, we can sit down now too.  You do need to keep up the social distancing though. Although, anyone in Norwich at the moment will know that it’s better to just stay indoors still, because those that are out and about no longer seem to give a **** and are sharing their Covids all over the show. Will week 10 be ‘Return of the Covid’? Stay tuned….

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