Outstanding Performance by a Creative Entrepreneurship MA Student

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Well, this afternoon was a surprise and a half. I pick up my mail from the doorstep… it’s late… again… and I find an odd letter. Odd because it’s handwritten. I don’t usually get handwritten envelopes, outside of birthdays and Christmas.

It’s from the University of East Anglia. I have a brief, wobbly panic because I owe them money, and I haven’t had much of that for over a decade. As I begin to read, I have the feeling that I really need to pinch myself, just to make absolutely certain that I’m not asleep.

I am fairly convinced that the words on the single page of A4 are claiming that I have won an award…. Another one?

I read it again. And a third time, just to be certain that I haven’t completely lost my marbles…

“I am pleased to be able to inform you that you have been awarded the Prize for Outstanding Performance by a Creative Entrepreneurship MA Student… The members of the Board of Examiners congratulate you on this achievement…. The Prize will also be announced at the Graduation ceremony in July… ”

Prize for Outstanding Performance. It made me giggle. Uncomfortable. Unbelieving. Awkward. It reminds me of one of my most favourite jokes in the world that goes something along the lines of….

I met a farmer once. He was out standing in his field.

It’s definitely my name. Definitely my address. And signed by the Head of the Interdisciplinary Institute of the Humanities.

A bit of discombobulation follows. Emotional. But I don’t cry. It’s just the shock I think… Overwhelming. I do what I always do when I doubt my introverted reality. I confer with the wisdom of social media.

Everyone is full of congrats. I haven’t popped up in an equally bizarre scenario… I am not trapped in an unfamiliar place, running late, only to find that I end up where I began….  I am sitting all by myself and I am still wearing all of my clothes, so I am fairly certain that this isn’t a dream.

I pop to the corner shop and buy a bottle of wine, some cheese and a massive bar of 70% chocolate to celebrate. It’s not Paleo, but what the hell? I figure that if I am dreaming, I may as well make the most of it.

Arts Council England Free Reads

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Free Reads Announcement

I am finally able to announce that I am one of the winners of the 2018-19 TLC Free Reads. It’s a scheme run by Arts Council England for talented writers on low incomes.

It gave me the opportunity to have my writing professionally assessed by The Literary Consultancy (TLC). I’ve had to keep it under my hat for almost half a year. I was almost ready to pop.

Even being initially chosen and having my writing recognised as high enough quality is a game changer for me. I know I should not need anyone else’s approval for what I create, but I was over-the-moon, and bouncing off stars when I found out, and I haven’t really come down since. ..

I’m an Actor, not a Writer

This time last year I was rebelling against even the idea of writing my own work. I was worried that writing would interfere with, or take place of, my acting.

I frequently grumbled that I was an actor, not a writer. I didn’t have the time to sit around writing. There were lines to learn, rehearsals to attend, acting to do. There was is no way that I would be good enough any way.

But, studying for my master’s degree gave me more creative space than I expected, to breathe and to think, to indulge my curiosity and my creativity and re-imagine what was possible

I had time to listen to playwrights and writers. Space to expand my knowledge. Time to read, research and learn. It gave me time to play. To reach out in new directions and pull those new pieces together.

I dipped my toe in and went along to the free workshops with the Jenny Lind Arts Project and Script East, just to give it a go and see what happened.

It turns out, that given the room to be myself, the writer I left behind in my teens, has been hiding in there all along. Rebelling against the banality of spreadsheets and being the antagonist of archaic administration. Waiting for the time that I could find my way back to being my creative, adventurous, curious self.

It’s been a struggle of a journey, but it was worth every step. Well, except for those months I was all but living on vegetable stew. I don’t miss that bit much.

National Centre for Writing Free Reads

In November 2018 I submitted part of my play to the National Centre for Writing for the Free Reads scheme.

The Arts Council England funded scheme is an amazing opportunity for talented writers, who are disadvantaged by low income and are being held back by those financial barriers. It provides a bursary for the writer to have their work professionally assessed by The Literary Consultancy.

In December I found that my play had been selected. Just being chosen was incredibly uplifting. To have someone look over my work, read it, and consider it to be of a high enough standard to be submitted for a professional review was incredible.

I could not believe it. I still can’t believe it. Everyone is henceforth banned from pinching me, just in case it wakes me up.

There was a period of several months, during which I had to wait until I could tell anyone. A little voice of doubt in the back of my head kept creeping in and saying to me… There must have been a mistake. You couldn’t have been chosen. They must have sent the congratulations to the wrong email and they are taking a while to respond because they are trying to figure out how to let you down gently.

But then I got my review back from the Literary Consultancy. Eight, brilliant pages of feedback from a “real” published playwright that is going to be invaluable in my finishing my play and getting it up on stage.

Then today, finally, up it pops in my email. The go-ahead from the National Centre of Writing that I can officially announce it. It’s officially official. I am feeling, ‘bouncing-off-the-stars’, excited again.

I am not sure I feel as if I can put Impostor Syndrome to bed quite yet, but I am sending it to it’s room without any dinner.

2018 – Creative Journey from Actor to Actor and Writer

2018 was a tough year for me.  I didn’t have enough money to do my Master’s degree. But the opportunity was there, so I grabbed on to it and I refused to let go. Even though I had a far from comfortable time in financial terms and will be suffering the fallout for some time,  I had the most incredible year.

I am so very grateful for all of the experiences that I have had, the people I met and worked with and all that I’ve learnt.  I mentioned serendipity many times over the course of 2018. I’ve been incredibly fortunate.

In fact, the more that life has tried to put obstacles on my path, the more serendipitous and fulfilling life has become and more of what I actually desire appears to have flowed towards me.

2018 was a massively successful year academically, creatively, in terms of recognition, confidence, and achievement. On stage and film,  I’ve had the opportunity to play more challenging and rewarding roles and received wonderful feedback from the people I’ve worked with.

And in a literary sense, in the acceptance and feedback on my writing . It’s given me the confidence to believe in myself and my own creativity.

Who would have thought that a year later, here I am, having just started writing a second stage play.  Instead of claiming that “I am an actor, not a writer”, now I can proudly and confidently say that I am an actor and a writer.

Undercroft Cabaret at Jurnet’s Bar Norwich

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I’m going to be at the Undercroft Cabaret at Jurnet’s bar in Norwich, this coming Thursday 4 April, for something a little bit different.

Mark, the organiser for the evening, asked if I could perform a short, talking-head slot for the evening. After double-checking that this involved retaining my head on my body, I agreed to take part.

I had a brief panic about what on earth I was going to perform.  I am so indecisive it could take me eons to find something. So, I solved that issue by writing something instead.

This will be the first time, in a long time, that I’ve got up on stage to read something I’ve personally written. It amuses me as I think the last time was when I read out my poem about the “seasons” in middle school assembly.

Jurnet’s Bar is a lovely, intimate venue and there will be a few friendly faces there I’m sure. So, although I am more than a little nervous, I’m sure that it will be a good night.

Check out The Undercroft Cabaret Facebook page for deets.

Poster showing lineup for the Undercroft Cabaret




Planning a 30 Day Script Writing Schedule

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I decided to put together a 30 day script writing schedule for Play 2. And so it begins…. Well, next week it will. I recognised that I was allowing myself to get sucked into a procrastination trap. All the goals and challenges facing me at the moment, in acting, writing and creating the business, were seeming overwhelming.

Start Writing now. No more Excuses

So, I will wait until I catch up with that online workshop, until the housework is finished, until I find more time, for the neighbours to stop being so damned noisy, as well as the wind and that bird that sounds like a squeaky wheel, until I have enough money to afford to grab a drink, so I can write in the coffee shop, when I have worked a bit more on the characters, have more detail of the plot, when I can wake up early like real writers do (that is never going to happen, it’s 3 am as I write this), when inspiration comes, when I am in the right mood, when the sun rises in the West and sets in the East.

Little ballerina girls becoming a writer meme

No more allowing fear to get in the way. I’ve set a date for a definite start and end date (from 31st of March to the 30th of April) and how many words to write per day. Words I am going to write no matter what.

Even if I have to free-write until I get the words down or my hands curls up like a dead spider, whichever comes first. I may become a little frazzled over the coming month.

What’s the 30 Day Script Writing Plan

I just planned a writing schedule for the first, rough, ‘don’t-you-dare-edit-as-you-go’ draft. I have an idea for the play, a handful of characters that I’ve been working on (although they have no names as yet, known informally as A, B, C, D and E ), a rough plot (very rough) and now… a plan. 

With just 667 words a day needed to meet my 20,000 words, rough draft target, by the end of April, it’s now feeling achievable. The deadline I’m actually aiming for is June, so I will still have the whole of May to work on editing, tidying up and making it all make sense. I’m (imaginatively) calling this work ‘Play 2’ for the moment.  It’s the second full length play I’ve started and I don’t want thinking of a title to be another excuse reason to delay my making a start.

I’m using Pacemaker to put my Schedule together. Mostly because it’s free. Otherwise cost would have been another obstacle in the way. I’ve not used it before, I read about it on Medium, but I’m assuming the graph will automatically update itself as I enter my progress.



I’m going to get my work area ‘just so’ over the next few days, remove distractions, make sure I have everything I need (that the coffee supply is in abundance), create my title page, ‘Play 2’ to fool my brain into thinking I have already started and make a public declaration of my imminent productivity. 

I’m also going to get a copy of KM Weiland’s Writing Manifesto below and pop it on my noticeboard above my desk. I was going to write my own personal writing manifesto…. but that would be just another distraction.

Writer’s Manifesto

KM Weiland's Writing Manifesto
KM Weiland’s Writing Manifesto

Dark Arts³

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Apex – Acting

This week I’ve been busy laying the foundations for Dark Arts³.  A new company that I created that focuses on helping people with their digital marketing. Woman can not live on acting alone. Well, not in Norwich, she can’t. Paid acting work is like finding a Willy Wonka golden ticket around these parts.  I had enough of the cabbage diet during my master’s last year. I’m getting a little fed up with being a poor actor. So, I’m supporting my creative practice with my other skills which, to be honest, I have totally taken for granted.

Face – Writing

My writing is a little on hold at the moment. Not by choice, it’s difficult to be focused on writing when I have so many distractions right now . Also, I have an announcement to make regarding writing, but I haven’t been given the go-ahead to allow me to officially announce as yet. 

Base – Digital Marketing

Putting together a website and getting my marketing sorted during my studies was easy. I studied Computer Science and Business, had worked in marketing and SEO between my undergrad and MA. It’s what I loved to do. That part of my master’s degree was not a challenge for me.  I assumed that everyone knew what I knew and could do what I can do.

I quickly realised that, just as I am always learning and growing, and I don’t know what I don’t know yet. Others were just like that regarding digital marketing.  Because of my own insecurities and humbled by all the things that I don’t know and still have to learn, I didn’t stop and think about all of the things that I do know. All the skills and knowledge that I have that I take for granted. Things that I just do because they are now part of who I am, but are mysterious dark arts to others.

It took a one to one meeting with Suzie from Meta Value to knock some reality into me. A series of workshops over the following few days, just reinforced and pushed me further into the same direction. Serendipity struck, as it tends to when I am wandering about happily. The name of Dark Arts³ (Dark Arts Cubed) came to me, walking home from UEA, alone with my thoughts, whilst mulling over the options and thinking about what was blocking me from getting my business up and running.

Dark Arts³

This is the base that supports my acting and writing and now makes my creative practice stronger.  I wouldn’t be a good writer or marketer if I hadn’t gone off at a tangent researching the significance of the number 3. I’m not a religious, spiritual or superstitious person. I am very much, I think, a person of reason, but the repeated significance of the number, historically, culturally, in religion, myth, literature, art etc fascinated me. Even my great-aunt used to tell me everything comes in threes. And now, so do I  😁