Norfolk Actor Marie Cooper-Offstage and Off-camera

Norfolk Actor Marie Cooper offstage and offcamera
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Theatres are tentatively opening up. Albeit with smaller capacities and restrictions in place. Hopefully, the fears of being locked down are in the rearview mirror and cancellations, if there are any are now, are due to things that we are used to in the UK, such as rainy weather preventing outside performances. And maybe the occasional Covid ping disaster on the NHS app. But unfortunately, I am still in a non-performing lockdown.

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Editing the Script

Lamp shining light onto the word editing
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How does a Playwright Edit the Script?

A playwright does the editing, writing, rewriting, a little more research, editing and rewriting again. You check your typos. Make sure your program hasn’t changed your dialogue into stage directions – I don’t even know how or why that happens. Then suddenly there seems to be a million and one other things to add, remove, look up. In fact, the edit is likely to never end unless you decide that what’s done is done, put it down and run far, far away. Or maybe that’s just me?

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