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Reflections on 28 Plays Later, 2021

Norfolk playwright Marie Cooper celebrates her successful playwriting challenge
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This was the first time I’d taken on this challenge, to write 28 Plays in the 28 days of February. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge if it was now, would it?. My brain did, at times, try to resist and procrastinate, to make it easier for me. Which made it more difficult and stressful as the deadlines approached. Stupid brain.

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February Playwriting Retreat for 28 Plays Later

Image of theatre curtains
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I’m trying to get organised for the month ahead for 28 Plays Later. I’m writing this blog post now because I know what’s coming. Oh, my God! That sounds like something out of a horror novel. My time is short, so I write this to you now. Knowing that soon it will be too late.

I titled this ‘Playwriting Retreat’, but it is more of a self-imposed playwriting lockdown to be precise. I’m not going anywhere. No villa overlooking an olive grove in Italy. No sitting on a balcony overlooking a coastal town in Portugal. Not that I ever do, but one can dream.

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Playwriting Impostor!

Imposter Syndrome
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People tend to put their best selves on the internet. Their positives. Their achievements. All the things that are going well in life. And I am no exception. I do not like to dwell on the negative as a rule. I tend to brush the bad aside as soon as I can and move forwards. Looking backwards only tells me where I have been and prevents me from seeing where I am going.

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