Marie Cooper Writer

An Actor not a Writer

Over the years, Marie has been an avid reader and dabbled in scribbling, creative writing, poetry, songwriting, journalling and blogging. Despite this, she stubbornly resisted a literary path, mostly because she doesn’t like sitting still for as long as it takes to write things down. She has, until recently, vehemently, some might say stubbornly, argued that she is an actor, not a writer.

In early 2018, in an attempt to write herself into a most excellent role, she went to a couple of writing workshops and finally put pen to paper again.

Performed Scenes

Marie played around with writing a couple of short scenes. First, she watched her short scene, ‘Lily’ performed at the Scratch evening at The Garage with ScriptEast. A scene that began with a God stuck up a tree. Marie had just read American Gods. No coincidence. Then she watched her scene ‘Abandoned Places’ brought to life as part of the Jenny Lind Art’s Project community play, ‘Spirit of the Place’. Marie was slightly confused. People (who hadn’t even realised she’d written the scenes) actually seemed to like what she’d written.

Bolstered with newly found confidence and enthusiasm for the written word, she began to write a serious stage play.

Writer and Actor

The intention was, to write herself into the play.  However, the story and the characters she created, from a mountain of research, had other ideas and took on a life of their own. Now Marie is a writer, trying to write herself in to plays. She has considered maybe writing a play about an actor, trying, yet consistently failing, to write herself into her own plays.

On her writing journey, Marie discovered the wonderful National Centre for Writing at Dragon Hall in Norwich, who took her writing seriously, gave support, awarded her a Literary Consultancy Free Read in 2019 and a place to go and made her feel like she was finally home. She began unashamedly calling herself a writer and hasn’t stopped writing since.