Videos of Norfolk Actor Marie Cooper performing

Videos featuring Marie Cooper


Syncopated‘ is a film short directed by Edward Heredia. The film was based on Satre’s existential claim: “Existence Precedes Essence”.

Film courtesy of Edward Heredia, Director.

And I saw my World from my Home

Collaboration between the Jenny Lind Arts Project, BBC Voices and the local community of Suffolk Square in Norwich .  My reading is at around 2 minutes 6 seconds in. The poetry was also part of the Spirit of the Place promenade Performance.

We Meet in Paradise with TheatreFragile

‘We Meet in Paradise’ is a street theatre production, written and performed by the wonderful TheatreFragile from Berlin, who perform mask theatre in public spaces. I worked with them in summer 2017, doing workshops in mask work, before performing in the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. The clip below is just a short extract in which the character I am playing comes to the fore. Further images from the  project, rehearsals and an intervention on Timber Hill can be found on my portfolio page.

Photos courtesy of TheatreFragile

Video clip courtesy of Richard’s Reality

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