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Found Poetry

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I zoomed into a Creative Mornings session yesterday evening, on Found Poetry with Troels Heiredal. I have written Found Poetry before and it is almost always a lot of fun. I really should play with it more often.

What is Found Poetry

Found poetry is taking not just inspiration from what is around you. That would just be poetry, right? But Found Poetry takes words that are already there, right in front of you already. From cutting words from a newspaper or magazine article or from scribbling out words in a book and leaving a new poem there. Now there is also the possibility of taking social media posts and using those to spark off your imagination.

It is taking the world as it is and playing with it. It is incredibly liberating to be removed from overthinking. Just picking words, adding or removing a few and realising that suddenly you have created.

And that is what we did. Pages of creative faces on Zoom. We all provided words to create poetry. Not knowing what words our scribe tribe were going to throw at each other. Then we had just a few short minutes, whilst the music played, to take any of the words we liked and scribble out our masterpieces of the minutes.

Some were profound. Some sad. Some hilarious. But for just one hour a group of random creatives came together and inspired each other. A whole zoomful of muse. An amazing hour of fun creative freedom.

These are my two random attempts from the words we shared with each other:

Found Poetry

Just Like You

On Thursday the star sat
Storytelling to broken souls
On a planet falling slowly
Into annihilation.
Just like you.
There is a form of hope he told them
As they drank their sugar.
Pretending to be happy
Just like you.
They took notes on life.
May as well have asked them
To give free hand jobs to Tigers.
Just like you.
The wreath was already floating
Sunny side up in the blue of their native lands.
Just like you.

Death to Tea

Death to tea
She proclaimed with joy.
The cow looked up
For a moment.
An innocent bystander.
A soon to be roast,
To the ungentle pressing of humanity.

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