Performing in Murder Mystery in Norfolk

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Last week in the deepest, darkest, nethers of Norfolk, I took part in performing in a Murder Mystery for the first time.

I had been approached, after the director of one of the productions I was working on, passed on my name to the owner of the company who runs the events. I felt incredibly humbled and grateful to be recommended on the basis of my acting with the theatre company.

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Why I Hate the ‘Describe as Many Uses for a Pen or Brick’ Creativity Exercise

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How to be as Creative as a Brick

The ‘Think of as many Uses for a……’ Exercise. You know the one. Usually set in a business workshop where creativity hasn’t been seen since someone sat on it and squashed it back in 1971. Someone hands you a pen and says “How many uses can you think of for this pen, excluding the one it was originally designed for”. Or words to the effect. If you haven’t surmised already – Did you even read the title of this post? –Β  I hate this exercise with a stupefying passion.

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Vintage Fashion Modelling at John Lewis

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Fashion Through the Years 1930’s to 1940’s at John Lewis

In September, an opportunity arose to work on something completely different, a vintage fashion show at John Lewis in Norwich. I saw an ad for for fashion show models by the Fabulous Miss K and got in touch, partially not expecting to hear back. So I was a little dazed to find myself waiting, as instructed, in the entrance of John Lewis on a crisp, Saturday morning.

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Visit out to Polkey’s Mill

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Written in my notebook on Sunday September 15th, 2019

It’s a gorgeous sunny day this morning. The blue and green flashes by the train window. It’s been a while since I’ve travelled by train. Wish I could afford to do it more often. I do strangely enjoy it. Well, when it’s quiet, which it is in the early hours of Sunday morning on the Lowestoft train.

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