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February Playwriting Retreat for 28 Plays Later

Image of theatre curtains
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I’m trying to get organised for the month ahead for 28 Plays Later. I’m writing this blog post now because I know what’s coming. Oh, my God! That sounds like something out of a horror novel. My time is short, so I write this to you now. Knowing that soon it will be too late.

I titled this ‘Playwriting Retreat’, but it is more of a self-imposed playwriting lockdown to be precise. I’m not going anywhere. No villa overlooking an olive grove in Italy. No sitting on a balcony overlooking a coastal town in Portugal. Not that I ever do, but one can dream.

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Playwriting Impostor!

Imposter Syndrome
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People tend to put their best selves on the internet. Their positives. Their achievements. All the things that are going well in life. And I am no exception. I do not like to dwell on the negative as a rule. I tend to brush the bad aside as soon as I can and move forwards. Looking backwards only tells me where I have been and prevents me from seeing where I am going.

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Read, Write, Chat Meetup – 13th July 2018

Writing with roses on a notepad
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Writing at the last minute

I am not sure which planets happened to be in alignment yesterday, but Friday the 13th definitely wasn’t unlucky for me, as for once, my writing actually flowed. I had foolishly left my ‘Read, Write, Chat’ homework until the very last minute, but I knew I would have, at least, an hour or two between meeting my ScriptEast group in the morning, to the café meetup group in the afternoon.

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Acting at Playwriting MA Creative Project

Image of woman writing
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MA Creative Project: Stopping and Starting Again…

Writing is difficult and amorphous. It has been feeling as if I am trying to stick a pin in a river to stop ideas flowing away. I have had coursework looming over me whilst I tried to simultaneously juggle little projects. My mind struggled to control all the brain squirrels skittering about inside it.

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