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28 Plays Later Zoomthrough

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I was fortunate that one of my plays was chosen from the 28 Plays Later submissions for the Readthroughs, after the challenge.

It was the first draft, as the readthroughs had to be the exact, unedited script that we writers had originally submitted during the 28 Plays Later challenge.

The full list of all of the plays that I wrote during the challenge can be found over on my 28 Plays project page.

It was an enjoyable afternoon/evening of reading plays that had never been read before. Unfortunately, I could not be there when mine was read live, as the time coincided with a writing workshop I was in, but I got to watch a recording of it afterwards.

It was amazing to hear my play brought to life by my fellow writers. With special thanks to Emillie Maybank who played my ‘Emily’ to perfection.

My play begins at approximately 1 hr 47m 33s and runs for 10 mins, to 1 hr 57m 54s

To listen through all of the 28 plays chosen from the challenge, visit Rebecca Holbourn’s Facebook page where the readings were live-streamed on 27 March 2021.

Each play is introduced by Rebecca, with a short explanation of the brief the writers were sent as their prompt during that day of the challenge. To submit for the readings, the playwrights had to have met the brief and be chosen during the screening readings by their fellow writers.

If you think that you might be tempted to join the playwriting challenge, or if you prefer prose or even screenwriting, then keep an eye on The Literal Challenge‘s website for their upcoming challenges and events.

Marie Cooper's play on the list of 28 Plays Later Readthroughs

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