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A Break from Writing and a Change of View

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A Room with a View

Squeeeeee! What a difference a day, a break to the cinema and a change of location makes to my writing. I am now working with the view of my garden, with fresh air coming through the window and my aloe vera plant peeping over the top of my keyboard, rather than plonked in the middle of the dining room, staring at a blank screen and wall.

It has made a whole world of difference. I now have a 525 word synopsis of my story and a two sentence premise written down – more to help me gather my thoughts than anything else – which it really has. I can see much more clearly now how the story and scenes are going to flow *happies*

500 Words Writing Challenge

I also signed up to Jeff Goin’s My 500 Words​ challenge last night on Facebook, in an attempt to become more disciplined with writing. The challenge is to write at least 500 words per day. Like I said previously, I am an actor, not a writer and being disciplined in learning lines and finding a character comes much more naturally to me. I just do it. I fill up as much of my time as it takes to much sure that the work gets done.

I’ve kept the writer in me locked up for so many years it feels a bit weird letting her out again. But it is getting easier and my confidence is growing, every time I see words that I have written performed on stage and the positive reactions.

I’ve smashed the challenge for day one. I hope I can keep the word count up when it comes to writing all of the dialogue. If I can, then getting this project complete by the deadline will not be looking like such an uphill struggle after all.

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