Dark ArtsΒ³

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Apex – Acting

This week I’ve been busy laying the foundations for Dark ArtsΒ³.Β  A new company that I created that focuses on helping people with their digital marketing. Woman can not live on acting alone. Well, not in Norwich, she can’t. Paid acting work is like finding a Willy Wonka golden ticket around these parts.Β  Continue reading “Dark ArtsΒ³”

Incomplete Script For my Eyes Only

fragmented incomplete script
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About to send out my very petite and imperfectly formed, incomplete script. So far it has been for my eyes only and for good reason. It is exceedingly rough, fragmented, and far from close to being finished. So much so, that I felt the need to go through it and liberally prop it up with additional text, explaining the bits that are missing (some of which are still in my head…and some that aren’t….yet). Continue reading “Incomplete Script For my Eyes Only”