Scriptly Writing Screenwriting Day 2 – Marie Cooper

Scriptly Writing Challenge – Week 1, Day 2

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Writing 14 Screenplays in 14 days.

Day 2

11 October 2020

It is only the second day of TLC’s Scriptly Writing screenwriting Challenge. I can’t say it’s getting any easier as yet. Does it get easier? I looked at the brief last night, stunned with befuddlement. I let it sink slowly into my gelatinous jellyfish of a brain and went to bed. I did not want to get tempted to write, for fear I would either sit frustratedly looking at a blank screen for hours or sit up writing all night.

I will not share the Literal Challenge Prompt because, well, it’s not my challenge or prompt to share, and the organisers would rather participants didn’t. So, if you are curious and brave, sign up to the next challenge in February. It will be dark and cold by then. It’s a productive way to pass the time whilst wrapped up warm indoors. 

Like Ray Bradbury said, “Write a new short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.” Eventually one of them is going to be a good’un.

What I can tell you is that the the Day 2 challenge prompt is a singer. There there are so many places this could go. So many starting points and my brain always explodes with the infinite choices. I don’t have the luxury of time to mull things over so once again, I’ve taken the extra constraints route. It worked yesterday so worth another punt – giving myself additional prompts to narrow my focus.

This time, from the writing prompts, the the universe served me the following:

  • The random word generator returned me the five words: Brag, Railroad, Scatter, Knife and Lineage.
  • The random genre generator gave me ‘Horror Drama’. Be careful about what you wish for. I joked about about ‘What if I got ‘horror’ for my random genre. I should not have tempted the universe.
  • The random location generator gave me a bridge.
  • The random image generator gave me a photograph of a red, retro, transistor radio. With a large dial on the front and press-buttons on the top. It looked like it had a spattering of paint on the front of it, in blue, grey and yellow.

I have the granddaughter over at the weekend, so just going to bat some ideas around, get some research done, listen to some music, set up my Scrivener file and then start tippity tapping out my script from 5 pm ’til bedtime.

I do already have a character in my head, what she lookes like and where she is. I just to follow her for a bit and see where she is off to, hoping she shares her story with me in full, before 10pm when the Day 3 brief will be released.

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