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I signed up to a Screenwriting Challenge today. I saw a post on the BBC Writer’s Room Twitter, that mentioned the challenge. That’s how this all kicked off. The tweet asked “Could you write 14 short scripts in 14 days? ” Probably not, I thought. But I could give it a go. What’s the worse that could happen? No one’s ever died of extreme screenwriting… Have they?

What have I done?

Before I could convince myself it was a stupid idea when I still have a play to edit, a poetry pamphlet to write, some films to finish judging, and a cat that gets irritable if I ignore him for too long, I had filled in the registration form. I had liked and joined the Facebook group, followed on Instagram, Twitter and was looking at my own hands in sheer horror, whispering “What have you done?”

14 Scripts in 14 Days

I thought I would record how I get along. The challenge does not officially start until 10th October, but I decided to have a sneaky peek at some screenwriting stuff before the challenge starts. Not to be a teacher’s pet, but just so that I don’t feel like a total, clueless goober when writing my first one… Like I do right now. I’ve written scripts for stage, but not screenplays for films. That’s a completely different llama.

Today is 8 September 2020. My little screenwriting squirrel has just opened its eyes for the first time and is wobbling all over the internet with it’s shaking little newborn limbs.

Where do I start with this Screenwriting stuff?

The first thing that popped out at me during my search was a Youtube video of Aaron Sorkin giving a Master Class at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Then I found a webpage that looked like it knows what it’s talking about, so I bookmarked that bad boy to read later. It is “How to Write a Screenplay: Your 30 Step Guide” by Industrial Scripts. I do like a good listicle.

Rather than get on my horse and ride off alone on my daunting quest, I threw down the gauntlet on Facebook to see if I might tempt some other crazy person brave soul to join me. No one was willing to accept my challenge. At least not publically. But Jen suggested that I check out Scott Myers Twitter @GoIntoTheStory.

The next steps are to:

  • Schedule me some quality time to read/watch these
  • Get me a Screenwriting specific notebook
  • Take a look at the Scrivener template for Screenplays – assuming there is one

See, I told you I liked lists. The Scriptly Writing challenge starts on the 10th October. Sign up by the 7th October deadline to take part.

14 scripts in 14 days. You got this!

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    1. I love the time constraint and the fact that it’s not possible to create anything perfect in that time. Which totally removes the pressure of trying to make something right first time. A perfect excuse just to play about and produce something new every day with the permission for it to be totally rubbish for now 😀

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