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Jenny Lind Arts Project

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Something a little different and a foray away from acting. I got involved with the Jenny Lind Arts Project. I went to an informal scriptwriting workshop they held one evening and found myself invited to pen a small piece of script for their community arts event in June.

A few writers from the local community submitted pieces, which were creatively stitched together by playwright, Danusia Iwaszko, for the promenade street theatre performance of ‘Spirit of the Place’. I submitted  ‘Abandoned Places’ for inclusion, a short scene including the characters Megan and Josh.

Later in the project I was offered the role as the Spirit of the Place, the narrator and guide, to show the audience around the promenade street theatre. I shared the role with Breeze Lister. We alternated the role so that she could be starting a performance at one end of the route, as I ended mine at the other. It worked really well.

It felt very strange to lead the audience around the ‘stages’ and to see them watch a scene that I had written. It was a good warm fuzzy feeling though, to hear them laugh as I didn’t think it was that funny when I wrote it. At the time, I was still rebelling against the idea of being a writer. I had no idea how my life was going to change. How serendipity was going to nudge me closer and closer toward becoming a playwright

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