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Woodbridge with Summer Isle Films

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Spent a fantastic few hours with Summer Isle Films filming a Christmas Commerical, down in the beautiful town of Woodbridge in Suffolk last night. A pretty little place, just off the coast, with the most charming streets lined with independent stores.

Filming for IP Twelve Lettings

Summer Isle Films were filming a commercial around the town for a local estate agents IP Twelve Lettings.  I am glad the brief was to wrap up warm in hats and scarfs and that I, as an afterthought popped my thermals on. It was a bit chilly as the night drew in.

The first priority of the evening was to get everyone into the warm café with a hot drink for a bit of indoor filming. It was the perfect opportunity for everyone to have a chat, get to know each other and warm up whilst the filming of the first scene went on around us.

The whole shoot was highly professional and despite the town centre being surprisingly busy, with traffic and people heading off home for the night, the schedule ran smoothly. Tom Newman, producing the shoot, was thoughtful and considerate, ensuring that the cast and crew were well looked after, fed and coffee-ed, even to the point of making sure that everyone could get back on their way home safely when their scenes were over.


I wish I’d arrived in town earlier in the day and given myself a chance to explore.  I could have left slightly earlier, but I hadn’t realised that there was so much there. I hadn’t even noticed that there was a theatre right next to the train station until I walked back down the hill to the railway station. It seems that there is lots to see and do around the town, including museums, a windmill, park and walks.  I really must make an effort to come back and have a proper look around. Probably when it’s a bit warmer though.

We finished just in time to catch the Ipswich train. Then, by stroke of bad luck, the London train was running late. Serendipity for me however, as it meant that the train pulled up within minutes of my eloping the previous one. By the time I eventually got home it was coming up to 11 pm. A long day as I left the house just before 9 am. But well worth it. I arrived back home, tired but ecstatic, feeling tremendous gratitude to be doing work that I love.

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