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Norfolk Actor Marie Cooper-Offstage and Off-camera

Norfolk Actor Marie Cooper offstage and offcamera
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Thankfully, after being offstage and offcamera, for anything but masked roleplay work, for the last few months, I am on the mend. It has been financially agonising to miss out on so much work from September to November. If it wasn’t for our amazing NHS, stepping in to fix my dental implant, putting the bridge back in place, my work life would have been all but over. Well, life in general. I am emotionally exhausted and in pain. I have a toothache that needs to be dealt with once my current batch of roleplay sessions are over, but so happy that the worst is over.


UPDATE: 2nd November 2021. The consultant at the hospital put my implant bridge back in this afternoon. When I got home I could see there is now, what looks like, a hole in my gum above it, exposing the implant. Or could it be bruising/swelling? It looks shiny. Do gums bruise? I don’t want to poke it. My eyesight is far from great when close up. I am scared of my implant and bone being exposed to infection. I was quite ill when it got infected previously by the healing abutment. I am taking anti-inflammatories/painkillers and keeping everything crossed.

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Watersprite Film Festival

Film camera depicting film and movie testimonials for actor Marie Cooper
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An exciting start to the day this morning. I was sent over a new batch of short films to judge for the Watersprite Film Festival. It’s a fantastic event to support and encourage talented student filmmakers from all around the world. The festival is run by students, for students, via both Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University. Entry into the film festival is totally free.

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Well, it’s been almost seventeen weeks since the two-week quarantine began. Still no help at all forthcoming from the UK government for all those excluded from any help for lost self-employed earnings. The same government that proclaimed that we were “all in this together” and “no one will be left behind”.

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Acting using Affective Memory

Film camera depicting film and movie testimonials for actor Marie Cooper
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Drawing on Emotion for Acting

I find film far more challenging than theatre and today was particularly difficult as we were filming a funeral scene for the short film Duelo. I was playing Clemence, the mother to Stephen and Tristan. To authentically feel genuine loss of a person close to Clemence character, I felt that I needed to draw on a particular memory. 

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