Marie Cooper looks back over 2010 to 2020

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade

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2010 to 2020

It’s been a whole ten years done and dusted, so I felt I should mark it in some way because it has been a monumental and most excellent decade *plays air guitar twiddle*

Some things don’t change:

  • Bill and Ted return…
  • Still love red wine
  • Still watching Naruto… in Boruto
  • Still don’t have any money
  • Still expecting the moon on a stick
  • Still not a morning person
  • Still don’t own rollerblades nor mastered skateboarding
  • Still don’t like jobhunting and working for other people
  • Still an introvert
  • Still have neighbours that are hellishly noisy
  • Still won’t do what I am told
  • Still haven’t ridden the Mega Avalanche… Yet!

Some Things do Change

(Including this list when I remember things I’ve missed.
Not necessarily in order of occurence)

  • I now have double glazing. Mmmm warm!!
  • I now have a shower. Yay!
  • I have become better at not losing hats (ish)
  • I’ve stopped dropping my phone into the bath
  • Co-organised MobDevCon, the first ever mobile technology conference in Norfolk
  • Shared vodka jelly shots around the office – It *was* Christmas
  • Cycled 400 miles (Lap of East Anglia) in 4 days
  • Ran Toughmudder – didn’t die
  • But I don’t run any more (Just in case – I like this being alive thing)
  • Got accosted by Umpa Lumpas in Norwich
  • I tried to learn to speak Mandarin 
  • Learned boxing and fought in a corporate boxing match in front of 100s of peeps at Open
  • Stopped owning a television
  • Became permanently single after concluding that all sane/kind men have now all been taken up
  • Became a Marketing Executive
  • Became a Marketing Consultant
  • Became self-employed (Yay!)
  • Joined some social groups – Yeah, I know, right!
  • Landed the only job in the world that could prevent me dying my hair random colours…
  • Became an actor
  • Became Paleo
  • Wrote Poetry
  • Did a BSc
  • Did an MA and got an award for Outstanding Performance
  • Became a writer of plays – saw my first short attempts performed live
  • Picked by the National Centre for Writing to be awarded a free read by The Literary Consultancy paid for by The Arts Council

I wish I had thought of listing all the good happening things in previous decades. Not that I did this time… Facebook does have it’s uses as a memory aid. It was great to have a look back and remember all the good stuff that happened. Especially when our pesky human brains do tend to remember the bad things to help protect us.

Two especially sad things did happen in that I lost two most wonderful women from my life. My Great Aunt who was my whole world, and my friend Jo who I met on the train to York, many moons ago. I don’t want to dwell too much as it will upset me, but I will hold on close to the memories of them always, in my heart and in my writing.

Things have also been tough financially since graduating, but that, unfortunately, seems to be part and parcel of the life of an artist. It is a sacrifice that has been worth the pain. I have met and worked with many wonderful, beautiful, crazy, kind, fun, genuine people working in the arts.

The people,  personal growth and incredible enjoyment has more than made up for the financial struggle and I wish I had found my creative way much sooner, as nothing can bring back the years I wasted. But onwards and upwards.  I am happier in my work, writing and performing, than I have ever been before and I look forward to another ten years of serendipity, creativity, magic and adventure.

Happy New Year and a Happy New Decade to you.
I hope the future brings you good health,
good fortune, joy and happiness

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