Covid-19 Quarantine. Week Eleven. Still Alive – Marie Cooper

Actor’s Covid-19 Quarantine – Week Eleven – Still Alive

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Week Eleven. Cheesus wept! Every time I create a new blog post, at the beginning of each week, I can’t believe another seven days has zoomed by so quickly… again.  Think this will be my last Coronavirus update.  If my neighbours and Aldi, and everyone flooding to Bournemouth over the weekend, are anything to go by, lockdown and social distancing are no longer a thing anyway. Makes sense to me to end it now. I started on a Monday, so ending on Monday...

Also, I want to get the play that never seems to end, finished by the end of June so I can test run it. Then I can at least say I did something productive during Coronapocolypse. Rather than list all the new anime I’ve managed to discover since Boruto, and Black Clover were postponed. I’ve set a daily word goal, so want to get my head down. Which means avoiding Facebook and email distractions from tomoz.

I’d also like a cabin in Maine, but that is beyond my control, so I have to take into account the racket that emanates from the locals on either side of terrace-hell, which probably means writing before they wake up and/or after they sleep and trying to nap in between. Also want to start mulling over something new to work on.

As I’ve spent some of Coronapocolypse planting stuff, I guess I should probably spend some time and effort ensuring that I don’t let it all die too.

So, yeah! The Coronapocolypse end of season finale is turning out to be a bit of a disappointment. It’s almost making the end of Games of Thrones seem good. But most us seem to have made it. Go us! Here’s hoping that we don’t see Coronapocolypse Part Deux.

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