Duelo, Directed by Edward Heredia, with NUA

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This last project Norfolk actor Marie Cooper was working on, just weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, was Duelo with Edward Heredia and Paige Fisher. Filmed in Norwich on the weekend of 6th March 2020. Duelo is a short film produced locally in Norwich, Norfolk.

I was playing Clemence, mother to both Tristan, played by James Crawley, and Stephen. The scene I was in was a funeral scene, filmed on location in a church in central Norwich.

The team crowdfunded for the project raising money to fund the film, from set design, props costumes etc, right through to the payment of film festival entry fees. The project was professionally and impressively run, with catering on location and actors being paid for their work.

On the February 11th 2020, I met up with the director and fellow actors for an afternoon of rehearsals. I am far more accustomed to theatre than film and analysing the dialogue of stage scripts, rather than the descriptive visuality of a screenplay. So, it was immensely helpful to have the opportunity to meet up with the director and fellow actors to get to know each other and to run our scene beforehand. We filmed on location in Norwich on Friday 6th March 2020.

This was such a wonderful project to work on because, once more, I was working with student filmmakers Edward Heredia and Paige Fisher from our very own Norwich University of the Arts. This felt an extra special project to be part of because I work with Edward from the beginning to the end of his course. He is a deeply thoughtful, reflective and professional Director, who I am sure will be incredibly successful when all of his hard work pays off after university.

The film was fully completed early in 2021 and is currently doing the film festival rounds.


Cole                                          Ben Wheatley
Tristan                                      James Crawley
Clemence                                 Marie Cooper
Amy                                          Estelle Long
Funeral Director                       Andy Turner
Leon Zedlmayer
Sara Gonzalez


Director/Producer/Writer       Edward Heredia
1st Assistant Director           Bram Kwantes
Producer                              Vaineta Keraityte
Cinematographer                 Ethan Cassidy
Production Designer            Georgia Pett
Sound Designer                   Sally Gilbert
1st Camera Assistant           Paige Fisher
2nd Camera Assistant          Frances Pesquera
Make-up Artist /Hair             Gemma Simmons
Production Assistant            Cameron Cassidy
Production Assistant            Finlay Cassidy
Set Dresser Assistant          Emily Brown
Production Assistant            Christos Chyrsanthou
Patricia Pickman
Deniz Berberoğlu
Dávid Bodrogi
Drone Operator                    Alex Woosey

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