Norfolk actor and writer Marie Cooper blogs about anxiety.

First HighTide Writers Group Meeting

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I must confess that I was nervous on my way to my first-ever meeting with my fellow Playwrights.

I had made the noob mistake of stalking everyone online beforehand and as a result, had just managed to make myself feel intimidated by how much more experienced and accomplished everyone else seemed.

Yes, I am well aware that you should, apparently, not compare yourself to others, but hear me out. I don’t think it is as negative a thing to do as is so commonly made out to be.

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Working Actor: Performing in Murder Mystery in Norfolk

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Last week in the deepest, darkest, nethers of Norfolk, I took part in performing in a Murder Mystery for the first time.

I had been approached, after the director of one of the productions I was working on, passed on my name to the owner of the company who runs the events. I felt incredibly humbled and grateful to be recommended on the basis of my acting with the theatre company.

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