First IMDB credit

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Okay, the whole of Australia is on fire, the UK has been dropped into Brexshit creek without a paddle, a boat, or a rubber ring, and everyone is saying we are on the verge of world war three. So, I suppose, in the scheme of things, me precariously wobbling onto another stepping stone in my acting career isn’t big news this week.

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Acting as a Background Artist

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Day Before the Film Shoot

I was stupidly excited the night before the shooting. Despite knowing that it  would be mostly sitting about, waiting, I was really looking forward to my first day working with NBA Norfolk, a locally based background artiste’s agency. Okay, yes, I know! I am excited the first time I do anything or go anywhere. This was the first time that I had done background work on a project for such a high profile and international television network.

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