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The Glad Giver by Jill Korn

Statue of Julian of Norwich
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Lightning Studios, Scottow, Norfolk

11 – 21 July 2023

In The Glad Giver audio play, recorded at Lightning Studios, Marie Cooper played Sarah, an attendant and friend to Julian of Norwich.

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When I was cast as Sarah in the audio play ‘The Glad Giver’, I knew I had a unique opportunity to be part of something special. This production, written by Jill Korn and recorded at Lightning Studios, was commissioned by the Friends of Julian for the 650th-year celebrations of Julian of Norwich, a medieval mystic whose optimism and faith continue to inspire people today.

The celebrations are being held in Norwich in October 2023 and are being organized by the Friends of Julian, an organization dedicated to promoting Julian’s teachings and legacy.

Julian of Norwich was an Anchoress, living in seclusion in a cell attached to the Church of St. Julian in Norwich, England. She spent much of her time in solitude, praying, fasting, and writing. Her work, “Revelations of Divine Love,” is considered one of the most important works of Christian mysticism, and it reflects her deep devotion to God and her commitment to a life of spiritual seeking.

My Role:

Although my role was relatively small, I felt privileged to contribute to the narrative as Sarah, the loyal attendant and friend of Julian. As an actor, I enjoyed delving into the historical context of the play and exploring the relationships between the characters. Collaborating with Zanna, who played Julian, we worked to develop a natural dynamic that would make their bond believable and touching.

Sarah is a fascinating character who provides a unique perspective on Julian’s life and struggles. Throughout the play, Sarah serves as both a confidant and a foil to Julian, offering support and challenge in equal measure. It was a joy to explore this character and bring her to life through my performance.

The Cast:

The talented team of local actors who brought this story to life includes:

Sophie Blythe
Marie Cooper
Zanna Foley-Davies
Simon Michael-Morgan
Joanna Swan
Jamie Willimott

Each actor brought their A-game to their respective roles, and it was a pleasure to watch them work their magic. Zanna, in particular, delivered a standout performance as Julian, capturing the nuances of her character with depth and sensitivity.

The Writer and Director

Jill Korn both wrote and directed the play, and she did an excellent job bringing the script to life. Jil has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the characters and their motivations. Her guidance and feedback were invaluable throughout the recording process, and I appreciated her commitment to creating a high-quality production.

Sound Design and Music

John Boyd, an accomplished sound designer, will be enhancing the audio experience with captivating sound effects that transport listeners back in time to Medieval Norwich. Additionally, the talented ensemble Thistle Doo, renowned for their expertise in performing early music, will be providing the musical accompaniment. Together, they will bring the era to life in a truly immersive fashion.


Working on “The Glad Giver” was an incredible experience that taught me much about Julian of Norwich and her remarkable life. The play offers a powerful exploration of faith, hope, and perseverance, through a day in the life of Julian of Norwich and it was a privilege to be a part of it.

One of the most significant lessons I took away from this project is the importance of community and collaboration in creative endeavours. Everyone involved in the production – from the actors to the director to the sound engineer – contributed their unique skills and perspectives to create something beautiful and meaningful. It was a true team effort, and I feel grateful to have been a part of such a dedicated and talented group.

Being part of ‘The Glad Giver’ was a memorable experience that deepened my understanding of medieval spirituality and the power of storytelling. I feel honoured to have been involved in sharing Julian’s uplifting message with a modern audience, particularly during the 650th-year celebrations of her life, which made the experience even more meaningful. I hope listeners find comfort and inspiration in her words, just as I did.

Listen to The Glad Giver Now

I’m excited to announce that “The Glad Giver” audio play is now available to stream in full on Jill Korn’s website! Click the link below to listen to the entire play, featuring the talented voices of Sophie Blythe, Marie Cooper, Zanna Foley-Davies, Simon Michael-Morgan, Joanna Swan and Jamie Willimott.

This immersive audio experience brings the world of “The Glad Giver” to life in a whole new way. With sound effects, music, and performances that transport you straight into the story, it’s the perfect way to enjoy this critically acclaimed play from the comfort of your own home. So grab a cup of tea, get cosy, and settle in for a truly magical listening experience.

When is the Julian of Norwich – Love is the Meaning Exhibition?

The exhibition will be running from:

10 am to 3 pm Wednesday 18 October to Thursday 16 November 2023.

Where is the Julian of Norwich – ‘Love is the Meaning’ Exhibition?

The exhibition will be at:

  • St John’s Church Timberhill
  • St Julian’s Church Rouen Road and
  • St Stephen’s Church Rampant Horse Street.

Find out more about Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich Facebook Page

Julian of Norwich Twitter Page

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