Norwich Halloween Spooky Parade, 2016 – Marie Cooper

Norwich Halloween Spooky Parade, 2016

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Marie Cooper performing as a Halloween Rat in Norwich Halloween Spooky Parade

Something a little different from 2016.  The Common Lot  were asked to be ushers for  Norwich’s Halloween Spooky Parade. It sounded fun so I went along to the initial ideas meet up, but I didn’t have the faintest idea of what I wanted to dress up as or perform on the night. In a serendipitous turn of events, Max had decided he wanted to play a creepy Pied Piper, but he didn’t have any rats so Harriet and I scurried to the rescue.

Masks, tails and a bag of stale bread later, speckled with food dye to make it look mouldy, and we were let loose on Norwich. It was great fun, running between the participants, guiding the way along the parade and trying to share our bready feast.  Things didn’t always go to plan as I ended up being chased around the crowd by some of the braver children. Whilst others just peeked out from behind the legs of their parents, only daring to come out when daddy said it was ok.

Marie Cooper street theatre Halloween rat
Norwich City Council Halloween Spooky Parade

Apparently I make a very good rat. Lots of people stopped me to take photos that evening. This image above is just one of many photographs, taken at Spooky Parade by Wireless Pix. 

The plastic bag that you can see me carrying in the photograph, was full of bread that I had bought fresh, just the day before. I had speckled it with green food dye to make it look mouldy. I was very generously offering my yummy colourful bread out to people who had come to watch the parade. Neither the large or small humans were impressed by my ratty generosity.

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