Norwich actor Marie Cooper in Lark Rise by Flora Thompson

Lark Rise at Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich

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Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich

11 – 21 October 2017

In Lark Rise, performed at Sewell Barn Theatre in Norwich, Marie Cooper played Mrs Blaby and Mrs Beamish.

Mrs Blaby always seemed to be hanging about outside her cottage, gossiping with the other women-folk of Larkrise. She had a love of dressy fashion, despite mostly being a year out of it by today’s standards, as she relied on her daughter sending her clothes parcels from London.

Heavily pregnant Mrs Beamish was proudly getting her young daughter Martha all smart and ready to find her petty place in Larkrise so that she could earn her own living. With a new mouth to feed on the way, the family needed the income. A year in training and Martha might be ready to move on to proper gentleman’s service.

It was a huge production and the final show at Sewell Barn for the Director, Robert Little.  It was great fun and a privilege to be part of the wonderfully large and diverse cast, with ages ranging from young teens, through to students from the University of East Anglia’s drama course, right up to the not-quite-so-young seventies. It was one big, happy theatrical family.  I even got to share the stage with one of the actors from Harry Potter, the young Sirius Black, Rohan Gotobed,  and it’s not every day I get to say that.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Evans

Lark Rise

Written by Keith Dewhurst
Adapted from the novels by Flora Thompson

Directed by Robert Little with
Sewell Barn Theatre

Music Directed by Michelle Glover
Photography by Andrew Evans


Emma Timms                                                                           Wendy Atkinson
Albert Timms                                                                            Martin Dabbs
Laura Timms                                                                            Connie Reid
Laura Timms                                                                             Charlotte Woollsey
Edmund Timms                                                                       Bradley Flint
Bishie                                                                                            Shem Jacobs
Boamer                                                                                        Chad Mason
Old David / Dick / Twister                                                    Terry Dabbs
Pumpkin                                                                                      Colin Barrett (Baz)
Old Price / Old Postie / Grandfather / Rector           Dave Dixon
Bailiff / Doctor / Squire Bracewell                                  Robert Little
Old Stut / Tramp                                                                      Danny Burns
Fisher                                                                                            Liam Purshouse
Jerry Parish / Cheapjack                                                     Rohan Gotobed
Mrs Spicer / Garibaldi Jacket                                            Ruth Howitt
Mrs Blaby / Mrs Beamish                                                   Marie Cooper
Mrs Peverill / Queenie                                                         Ros Mace
Old Sally                                                                                     Anne Giles
Mr Sharman / Landlord                                                      Peter Jackson
Mrs Miller / Mrs Andrews                                                  Diane Webb
Martha Beamish                                                                    Connie Reed
Martha Beamish                                                                    Charlotte Woollsey
John Price                                                                                 Sam Webber
Polly                                                                                             Ella Daymond

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