14 Screenplays 2021 (currently in progress…)

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Fourteen screenplays are being written by Marie Cooper from the 11th to 24th October 2021. The plays are being created whilst taking part in the Scriptly Writing challenge.

What is Scriptly Writing?

Scriptly Writing is an annual screenwriting challenge, run by the Literal Challenge. The aim is to write fourteen complete short screenplays in just two weeks.

14 Short Screenplays by Marie Cooper

Obsessive Coffee Disorder – Day 1. Oct 11th 2021

Whatever is cooking in his oven, it doesn’t smell good.

The Elephant on the Grass – Day 2. Oct 12th 2021

An explosion of angst-ridden frustrations of planetary destruction explode out of a woman’s vagina, and then things get a bit weird.

As the Crow Flies – Day 3. Oct 13th 2021

Crow has no choice but to be crow, until his captor sets him free.

Spiders – Day 4. Oct 14th 2021

Don’t eat spiders.

You Shall Not Pass – Day 5. Oct 15th 2021

Protestors are holding up traffic at Dartford again and the locals are not happy.

Swan Island – Day 6. Oct 16th 2021

In 1810, two men discover each other in their small riverside, town.

Somnus Persona – Day 7. Oct 17th 2021

The masks we choose to wear.

Windows – Day 8. Oct 18th 2021

Watching from her window, a woman creates worlds.

Brief 9 – Day 9. Oct 19th 2021

In Progress.

Brief 10 – Day 10. Oct 20th 2021

Coming soon…

Brief 11 – Day 11. Oct 21st 2021

Coming soon…

Brief 12 – Day 12. Oct 22nd 2021

Coming soon…

Brief 13 – Day 13. Oct 23rd 2021

Coming soon…

Brief 14 – Day 14. Oct 24th 2021

Coming soon…

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