Marie Cooper Cast as Julian’s Maid, Sarah, in ‘Julian of Norwich”

Marie Cooper Cast as Sarah, in Heartwarming Audio Play: ‘Julian of Norwich: An Audio Drama Celebration

Anticipation is building as the upcoming UK audio play, “Julian of Norwich: An Audio Drama Celebration,” as it announces its stellar cast. Among the talented actors taking part in this heartwarming production is Marie Cooper, who will portray the role of Sarah, Julian’s devoted maid. The play, currently in production, is expected to captivate audiences with its enchanting storytelling and authentic performances.

“Julian of Norwich: An Audio Drama Celebration” is a poignant tribute to the life and teachings of Julian of Norwich, the medieval Christian mystic and theologian. The play has garnered significant interest, as evidenced by its successful crowdfunding campaign, which highlights the community’s support for local theatre projects.

Jill Korn, the driving force behind this production, expressed excitement about the project, stating, “We have put together a very talented team of local actors to bring this story to life. They are Zanna Foley-Davies, Marie Cooper, Jamie Willimott, Sophie Blythe, Simon Michael-Morgan and Joanna Swan. We can’t wait to hear them as they record in a sound studio in Norwich in August.”

The creative team, consisting of talented writers, sound designers, and musicians, is working tirelessly to create an immersive experience that will transport listeners to the world of medieval England, where Julian’s profound insights and spiritual journey unfold.

As the play progresses toward recording and release, Marie shared her thoughts on the role: “I am delighted to be part of this production and bring Sarah’s unwavering loyalty and care for Julian to life in this touching audio play.”

“Julian of Norwich: An Audio Drama Celebration” is set to be part of the Julian Exhibition The exhibition will take place at St John’s Timberhill and St Stephen’s, Rampant Horse Street, Norwich, from October 18 to November 16 2023, with the title ‘Love Is the Meaning’ and will explore the dynamic interface between words and pictures in art. The audio play will also be available free to listen to online so that it will be accessible to those who are housebound or visually impaired to enjoy this heartwarming tale of Julian.

To learn more about ‘The Glad Giver’ please visit Marie’s portfolio where you can find more about the play, the cast and discover why this production is not to be missed.

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