Read, Write, Chat - Micro Fiction - 28 July 2018

Read, Write, Chat – Micro Fiction – 28 July 2018

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In our Read, Write, Chat Meetup Group on Saturday, we were given the writing prompt: ‘Crazy Maker’ and given ten minutes to write. After my initial panic, as my brain squirrels went off like fireworks in my head, this is the little piece of micro fiction I created from it.

Crazy Maker

She knew it was going to seem crazy to everyone. Hell, it seemed crazy to her and if she couldn’t decide why she was doing it, how would anyone else? She pushed the two edges tightly together, willing the hot, sticky surfaces to stay stuck. How long would it take anyway. Should have read the instructions she mused, as she convinced herself that her arms were aching already.

On the first day, she saw the curved edge of rubber in the dusty, dirty gutter of the road. She sped by. On the second day she felt herself slow down to satiate her curiosity and try to figure out what the object was. On day three, she stopped pedalling, slowed to a dead stop, picked up the grubby, slightly greasy and grainy, black object and popped it, dirt and all, into her backpack.

It was in that moment that she knew she was going to create something with it. She didn’t know what. She didn’t know why. She knew the discarded pieces of roadside debris deserved better. Crazy! Mad! Everyone would think so. But she felt compelled to build something from the lost and the discarded.

©2018 Marie Cooper

Micro fiction

195 Words. Wow! 195? Is that all? It seemed like more. No wonder I am finding 500 per day so difficult. What a noob!

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