Casting Photographs

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Sometimes I get a call asking for new photographs that are needed immediately. It’s great that it’s now possible to get quick, raw, authentic photographs out with some immediacy. Taking up-to-date photographs to send over for castings is so quick and easy to do nowadays via a mobile phone.

Casting Photographs – October 2020

Callout for background artists in Oct 2020. I get called at short notice to pop over photographs. Thankfully it doesn’t take too long to get my background up on my bedroom wall and camera on my tripod. I don’t have any fancy lighting. Which is both a blessing and a curse. What you see it what you get. It is my face. Unfortunately, I found with this blue background, my phone camera doesn’t pick up the colour of my eyes properly. They are blue but in these photos they look olive green.

Casting Photographs – April 2019

Key Casting were in Norwich in April looking for extras for filming of the Netflix film Jingle Jangle.  I needed to send over some updated casting photographs. Nothing complicated or expensive. Just a few selfies to show that my face and hair haven’t metamorphosised since my last photos. Which is a fair enough request. My hair used to change more frequently than my underpants. I feel that I should emphasise that my hair used to change colour a lot. It’s not that my underpants were only changed a little.

In my failing to have the ‘strike a pose’ superpower, (where do people learn that?) it took me a mindbogglingly huge amount of time little time just to get a handful of photos that I was (even close to) happy with.

I thought I might as well pop the serious photographs up here on the website. Along with the not so serious ones. It saves me having to find out where in the folders of laptop hell, I have hidden them at some later date.

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