Demystifying the Dark Arts of Digital Marketing

  • Let’s face it, whatever your art form, whether you are writing, painting, or making theatre, you don’t want to be struggling with the digital side of things when you have exciting creative projects that you want to be getting on with.

  • Dark Arts³ is not a marketing agency, or arm of a corporate organisation. It is me. I’m a Norwich actor and writer. local to Norfolk. I am busy producing creative work, just like you.

  • I studied Computer Science during my degree and worked in Digital Marketing for a few years. So I thought I could use what I’ve learned along the way to help my fellow creatives who prefer to focus their energies on their creative projects, whilst also helping to sustain my creative practice.

  • I am as jargon free as I can be. I like to keep things simple.
  • I mostly work on WordPress. This site is a WordPress theme that I now host myself so that I can modify it for my own purposes.  

Get in Touch to find out if I can help you with your online presence

You want to let people know who you are and what you are offering online but don’t have the time? In a muddle with MailChimp, worried about WordPress, frustrated by forms, no time for social media, let’s connect.

How can I help?

  • Social media
  • Getting online
  • Email marketing
  • Help your website visitors connect with you on your website
  • Track what visitors do on your website
  • Help search engines find your website, so that your visitors can too.

Let me know where you are in our journey and what it is you would like help with and we can work it out together.

"Marie was very helpful and we are feeling a lot more confident about how to blow the intranet up create our page and keep it updated”

Norfolk Community Health & Care
NHS Trust

"Marie will be an asset to any organisation looking for a driven individual who knows what a modern, digital, B2B marketing strategy requires.”

Louis Welcomme, Pacific International Recruitment