Dark Arts³

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Apex – Acting

This week I’ve been busy laying the foundations for Dark Arts³.  A new company that I created that focuses on helping people with their digital marketing. Woman can not live on acting alone. Well, not in Norwich, she can’t. Paid acting work is like finding a Willy Wonka golden ticket around these parts.  I had enough of the cabbage diet during my master’s last year. I’m getting a little fed up with being a poor actor. So, I’m supporting my creative practice with my other skills which, to be honest, I have totally taken for granted.

Face – Writing

My writing is a little on hold at the moment. Not by choice, it’s difficult to be focused on writing when I have so many distractions right now . Also, I have an announcement to make regarding writing, but I haven’t been given the go-ahead to allow me to officially announce as yet. 

Base – Digital Marketing

Putting together a website and getting my marketing sorted during my studies was easy. I studied Computer Science and Business, had worked in marketing and SEO between my undergrad and MA. It’s what I loved to do. That part of my master’s degree was not a challenge for me.  I assumed that everyone knew what I knew and could do what I can do.

I quickly realised that, just as I am always learning and growing, and I don’t know what I don’t know yet. Others were just like that regarding digital marketing.  Because of my own insecurities and humbled by all the things that I don’t know and still have to learn, I didn’t stop and think about all of the things that I do know. All the skills and knowledge that I have that I take for granted. Things that I just do because they are now part of who I am, but are mysterious dark arts to others.

It took a one to one meeting with Suzie from Meta Value to knock some reality into me. A series of workshops over the following few days, just reinforced and pushed me further into the same direction. Serendipity struck, as it tends to when I am wandering about happily. The name of Dark Arts³ (Dark Arts Cubed) came to me, walking home from UEA, alone with my thoughts, whilst mulling over the options and thinking about what was blocking me from getting my business up and running.

Dark Arts³

This is the base that supports my acting and writing and now makes my creative practice stronger.  I wouldn’t be a good writer or marketer if I hadn’t gone off at a tangent researching the significance of the number 3. I’m not a religious, spiritual or superstitious person. I am very much, I think, a person of reason, but the repeated significance of the number, historically, culturally, in religion, myth, literature, art etc fascinated me. Even my great-aunt used to tell me everything comes in threes. And now, so do I  ?

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