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Acting at Being Real at Hack Theatre’s Scratch Night

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Image of Dante Gabriel Rosetti's painting of Lizzie Sidall, 'Beata Beatrix'

I am feeling extremely privileged to have been given the opportunity to play Lizzie Siddal in a Scratch reading of Emma Zadow’s “A Tune of Two Muses” at Hack’s Scratch It at Norwich Arts Centre tomorrow evening. 

I had the most amazing morning, working with Emma and Ross on the script which is based on the lives of Jane Burden and Elizabeth Siddal. I came away from rehearsal feeling energised and inspired, from working alongside such talented, creative people. The depth in the work is beautiful and the energy brought into it by Ross today was intense. Scratch night is becoming my new favourite thing.

It hit me later today that, not only am I playing somebody ‘real’ for the first time in my acting career, but also portraying a person who I have seen countless times in Pre-Raphaelite paintings that I loved, and yet I knew nothing about.

And now here I am….being Lizzie, wearing her life and her experiences as a Muse, for a tiny moment in time. I sincerely hope that I can do her memory, Emma’s beautiful writing and Ross’s energetic direction, justice.

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