Outstanding Performance by a Creative Entrepreneurship MA Student

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Well, this afternoon was a surprise and a half. I pick up my mail from the doorstep… it’s late… again… and I find an odd letter. Odd because it’s handwritten. I don’t usually get handwritten envelopes, outside of birthdays and Christmas.

It’s from the University of East Anglia. I have a brief, wobbly panic because I owe them money, and I haven’t had much of that for over a decade. As I begin to read, I have the feeling that I really need to pinch myself, just to make absolutely certain that I’m not asleep.

I am fairly convinced that the words on the single page of A4 are claiming that I have won an award…. Another one?

I read it again. And a third time, just to be certain that I haven’t completely lost my marbles…

“I am pleased to be able to inform you that you have been awarded the Prize for Outstanding Performance by a Creative Entrepreneurship MA Student… The members of the Board of Examiners congratulate you on this achievement…. The Prize will also be announced at the Graduation ceremony in July… ”

Prize for Outstanding Performance. It made me giggle. Uncomfortable. Unbelieving. Awkward. It reminds me of one of my most favourite jokes in the world that goes something along the lines of….

I met a farmer once. He was out standing in his field.

It’s definitely my name. Definitely my address. And signed by the Head of the Interdisciplinary Institute of the Humanities.

A bit of discombobulation follows. Emotional. But I don’t cry. It’s just the shock I think… Overwhelming. I do what I always do when I doubt my introverted reality. I confer with the wisdom of social media.

Everyone is full of congrats. I haven’t popped up in an equally bizarre scenario… I am not trapped in an unfamiliar place, running late, only to find that I end up where I began….  I am sitting all by myself and I am still wearing all of my clothes, so I am fairly certain that this isn’t a dream.

I pop to the corner shop and buy a bottle of wine, some cheese and a massive bar of 70% chocolate to celebrate. It’s not Paleo, but what the hell? I figure that if I am dreaming, I may as well make the most of it.

UEA Scriptwriting Showcase at The Garage

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I have been most fortunate to spend the most amazing couple of days working alongside some fantastic emerging scriptwriting and acting talent at the University of East Anglia’s renowned school of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing. The MA Scriptwriting students were asked to submit their writing for a showcase of their work to an industry audience today at The Garage.

Yesterday morning, Script/Screen Writers, Directors and Actors spread out all over UEA campus to block and rehearse a variety of creative work written for stage, film and radio, but has….well, had, never been performed live.

Considering the amount of work that had to be squeezed into such a short period of time, everything appeared to flow smoothly and seamlessly over the course of yesterday’s rehearsals and today’s performances. This only goes to show just how much work must have also been going on behind the scenes in organising and coordinating.

Everybody worked incredibly hard and I hope that all the writers were happy with the way that their work was interpreted and portrayed by the Directors and Actors today. I feel so privileged and fortunate to have been given the opportunity to get involved and work alongside such a talented bunch of people.

It was quite a touching day for me personally as the stage at The Garage was the first stage I performed on and where I found my calling.  But, as per usual, I was too overexcited and present in the moment to think about taking any photos *epic facepalm* Not even an animal faced snapchat selfie, I was so focused on the task at hand. And despite numerous opportunities for me to grab the invaluable event programme, I managed to leave the venue without one. In all fairness I was too excited because I had to email somebody back about a date for a film audition… but that’s a post for another time.