Hellthy- Filming with IW Films in Norfolk

I spent an enjoyable afternoon on the film shoot for Hellthy in a traditional pub on the Norfolk coast, with IW Films, Paul Goldsmith, Clive Stubbs, Steve Dunn and Tilly.

I have not had many (and when I say many, I mean any) performances before, where a pint glass containing real beer (well, when I say beer, I mean Shandy) has been put down in front of me as part of the set and I am allowed to drink it. Not that I am complaining mind.

I was having a chat with the landlady and she told me that the pub had also, many years ago, been used to film an episode of ‘The Chief’.

As well as meeting some lovely new people , I also met the extremely friendly and handsome ‘Blue’. Blue decided that he would rather have a cuddle on my lap than go for a walk. He was such a cutie,  but he was highly jiggly when I was trying to take a selfie with him. I didn’t realise I had left my sunglasses on my head, until filming was over and I attempted the dog selfie.

Hellthy is being produced by IW Films and directed by Stephen Willis.

“A Psychopath kidnaps addicts, torturing them into forced rehabilitation. Hellthy. Coming 2018”  IW Films

Filming was on 12th February 2018.



Hellty IW Films Feb 2018