Marie Cooper Actor performing drunk as Hilda

Someone Waiting by Emlyn Williams

Someone Waiting at Great Hall Theatre, 22 – 26 January 2019

Norwich Actor Marie Cooper portraying Margaret Thatcher

Handbagged by Moira Buffini

Handbagged at Sewell Barn Theatre, 11 – 20th October 2018

Photo of Marie Cooper as PC Edwards in Lily by Yuqian Tong

Lily by Yuqian Tong

Lily by Yuqian Tong – Filmed on location in Norwich, August 17th – 18th 2018

Spirit of the Place Norwich

Spirit of the Place with the Jenny Lind Arts Project

‘The Spirit of the Place’ with the Jenny Lind Arts Project and Slow Theatre Company 2018

Photo of Hellthy cast taken after filming scene

Hellthy- Filming with IW Films in Norfolk

Film shoot with IW Films on the Norfolk Coast in February 2018

Photo of Anna Mary becoming increasing irritated at Verner interrupting - Photo onstage during Come into the Garden Maud onstage during Come into the Garden Maud

Come into the Garden, Maud by Noel Coward

Playing American socialite, Anna-Mary Conklin in Noel Coward’s ‘Come into the Garden, Maud’. 2018

Photograph of Marie Cooper during the filming of Syncopated. Details in portfolio of my work

Syncopated, directed by Edward Heredia, with NUA

Filming the short film ‘Synchronicity’ with NUA production team at The Owl Sanctuary in Norwich. 2017

Mrs Blaby and Mrs Peverill in Larkrise

Larkrise at Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich

In Larkrise, I played Mrs Blaby and Mrs Beamish.

Photograph of Mrs Macey played by Marie Cooper and Dorcas Lane played by Lyn Smith in Candleford at Sewell Barn Theatre

Candleford at Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich

In Candleford, I played the dour, prim and proper Mrs Macey. 2017

Street Intervention with TheatreFragile for Norfolk & Norwich Festival in 2017

Norfolk and Norwich Festival with Berlin’s TheatreFragile

Intervention with Berlin’s TheatreFragile, Timber Hill in Norwich 2017