Actor’s Covid-19 Quarantine – Week Seven – Still Alive

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On my blog, I start each new Coronapocolypse week with ‘Still Alive’.  I’m glad I still am, because it would be really embarressing otherwise. No one knows my login details so I would remain ‘Still Alive’ until my webhosting ran out and the plug was pulled on my virtual world of waffle.

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First IMDB credit

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Okay, the whole of Australia is on fire, the UK has been dropped into Brexshit creek without a paddle, a boat, or a rubber ring, and everyone is saying we are on the verge of world war three. So, I suppose, in the scheme of things, me precariously wobbling onto another stepping stone in my acting career isn’t big news this week.

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Working Actor: Roleplaying as a Simulated Patient

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Actors often work as roleplayers in academic, medical and corporate organisations to help faciliate the learning of good communication skills.  Organisations need people who can improvise, react authentically to the situation, use verbal and non-verbal cues,  and feedback constructively on how the situation felt to them as their ‘character’

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